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Træterrasse m havudsigt i Risskov v Århu

Sea views and freedom in Risskov

Elegant  terrace & patio with  several levels  &  additional features

Lift of 5 steps gives the family at Aarhus north north panoramic views of the water:
Innovative architect-designed addition to a house in Risskov near Aarhus provides a completely different experience, sea views & extra features via a large attractive wooden terrace with a fireplace and different living zones on several levels and an extra attractive area facing the garden.

Architecture principles of the extension:

The villa in Århus is expanded with a cozy courtyard and a wooden terrace with several levels, which is in open connection with the house's primary living space and for a large part of the year functions as a natural extension of the living room.

The terrace is located with "back" up of brick walls, which both accumulate heat and  utilizes the primary view direction ..

Wooden construction is everywhere lined with weather-resistant Cumaru wood  and different seating zones on several levels allow many groups to sit separately and talk together on the terrace without feeling squeezed.

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