Sustainable low energy house overlooking the wather

Super low energy house built around simple principles of optimal utilization, sustainable & maintenance-free natural materials.

Modern elegant design villa in warm natural materials with a welcoming & open entrance area. The house is beautifully situated in Denmark and optimized for light and overlooking the sea. The carport shields from insights, but does not prevent nice views of the water, which can be enjoyed especially from the rooftop terrace and the 1st floor. The villa has 4 bedrooms & an office in open connection with the living room and a modern functional kitchen. All living areas and a large high-ceilinged bathroom are with views and daylight that reach far into the room, making it bright and friendly.

Super low energy villa (Almost passive house) built-in sustainable and maintenance-free natural materials. The villa is optimized for the use of daylight and passive solar gain along with the view of the fjord. Solar cells and Tesla powerwall operate the electric car.
All accommodations have spacious windows facing the view. It makes them feel bigger than they are and angles the view, so you do not just look across to the neighboring house or into a hedge.
Roof construction with large roof overhang gives maximum solar gain in winter - not in the summer and protects facades and woodwork.
Ventilation systems with heat recovery for optimal indoor climate and reuse of the heat that would otherwise only disappear in the winter cold.
Collection of roofwater for garden watering etc.

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