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A school with the curage to act

Multi-purpose hall at boardingschool -Completed 2012

Optimized for sound, light and experience. Space for joy and creativity, contemplation and thoughtful performances. The concert / theater / meetinghall connects to the school's main square createing spaces for hang-out and group work. The hall's form is motivated by the wish for everyone to have the same good experience to see & hear. It's functionally thought through from the inside but also thought into the context. At night the light and life becomes visible from the road, and public events will naturally lead guests directly to the foyer and hall. Saying: "We can and we want something special here on our school, but not without due regard to the existing context". The hall is a natural part of school functionality and an extension of the flow. A place where you can sit back and enjoy the good relaxed atmosphere, and where there are good conditions for both concerts, exhibitions, meetings, lectures, parties, theater, presentations of projects, cinema, different kinds of collections and teaching.

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