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Modern Danish design meets the American dream

Modern warm Danish design


Modern Danish design meets the American dream in the architect-designed low-energy villa & country house with warm bricks and large veranda overlooking the countryside

Modern elegant designvilla / country house in warm natural materials with accommodating covered porch and large veranda. The house is beautifully situated on a huge plot overlooking the countryside and no less than 2 lakes. The carport creates covered access fromhouse to garrage and large outbuilding.

The villa has 4 rooms, bright living room with views of landscape and garden, large covered entrance area practical and beautiful bench, which continues into the entrance and functional kitchen and family room. Here is plenty of room to dream big with 24 pers on the long table and several cars in the courtyard at the end of a stylish driveway to the modern maintenance free country house.


Principles for optimal utilization and sustainability:

Super low energy and optimal comfort.

Built in sustainable natural materials in muted colors, the house is incorporated into the landscape.

The materials can be disassembled and used again if the house needs to be changed or removed one day.

The villa is optimized for daylight use.

Roof construction with large roof overhang protects the facades and woodwork and makes the house virtually maintenance-free.

Ventilation system with heat recovery for optimal indoor climate and re-use of the heat that would otherwise just disappear into the winter cold.

Collection of roof water for garden irrigation, solar panels etc.

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