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the 2018 Architecture Awards

The architectfirm  ARK + has RECIEVED THE AWARD FOR " Best Multi-Functional Building Design - Denmark "

The architect firm ARK + has been selected as a winner of the 2018 Architecture Awards. We are grateful for this recognition of our efforts to bring architectural quality into our projects in school, church, and housing. I believe it will provide  new opportunities for collaboration with interesting people, who share our  high values and love for modern elegant design and innovative thinking.

Quote from the judging panel:

"Company:  ARK +   Award:  Best  Multi-Functional Building Design - Denmark

This year's Architecture Awards have once again cast a spotlight on the exceptional and ground-breaking work undertaken by the world's leading studios, practices and designers. Your success is an unmistakable achievement, a true testament to your contribution to the industry as such. "

"Our  in-house research experts have included in-depth studies into the ARK + portfolio as a whole, but especially -  'Initiation of Innovation Center at the Academy of Agricultural Business, Odense'.


" Our judging panel noted that the 'Innovation Center, Odense' project was a true triumph in multi-purpose architecture. This project was considered as a shining light in this years' awards, and our panel also noted your commitment to innovation and sustainability can only create a fantastic environment for learning and knowledge.


The consensus between the judges is that ARK + stand above the competition within the Multi-Function Building category this year on a local and national level. "

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