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Stue alrum med niveau-spring og masser a

Extension on challenging ground

Extension creates a welcoming entrance area  &  additional features

3 steps up makes a big difference:
The family in Vejle wanted an extension with a bedroom and a little more living room, but a creative solution where the living room and balcony outside is raised 3 steps gives the opportunity to enjoy the view of the city and fjord in a completely different way. The extension on the steep plot in Vejle
  is a smaller  extension of both basement and living room.  With this change, however, comes a complete change of  the expression of the house and the facade. The functionality of the house's primary living space is also significantly changed, as a ceiling is created for kip, and a new entrance opens  for easier access to the basement, which can now contain both a multi-room and several smaller functions. Living room and kitchen  becomes light and welcoming, and with an alternative grip  there is the possibility of a loft with a view of all the children's rooms. From the kitchen there is direct access to a large wooden terrace / balcony with 2  levels  and a staircase  towards the garden.

Architecture principles of the extension:

The villa in Vejle  expanded and gets a new roof with a sloping ceiling and an entrance hall with a connection to the basement, which will also receive a complete renovation in the long term.

The enlargement  is built around some simple  architecture principles:

-The style of the house may want to change radically, but must be experienced as a whole that could have been built at once.

-Lots of light and air in  living space.

-The living room has tall windows that capture  the primary view.

-New roof construction & ceiling for sloping provides more options for light, loft and the experience that there is more light, air and space.

-A large attractive wooden terrace with stairs to the garden and 2 different  living zones on each  level.

-Living room, kitchen room and activity room in the basement create an opportunity for exciting division  of  multi-level living zones.

-Rooms are made bigger, get loft and views

-Birum in the basement is made brighter and more attractive.

-Very low energy consumption where possible


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