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10 things an architect can do for you:

 IN.     Future-proof construction.  An architect can ensure that the project is screwed together in the best way, so that it is more future-proof or e.g. can easily be transformed for new needs if more children come, the children move away from home or you have to use your building for another purpose, etc.


  II.     Help you get started. At an idea and analysis meeting, the architect can e.g. evaluate your ideas, analyze and prioritize your wishes and needs, assess the architectural and legislative options in your building and even make suggestions. An idea meeting costs DKK 1,800 and typically lasts 1-3 hours.


  III.     Visualize your project.  In a sketch proposal, the architect can draw the ideas down so you can see what it will look like, what it approx. will cost how long the construction project will take and whether further studies are needed, eg of soil conditions. You can use the drawings to inquire with the authorities. However, you can neither apply for a building permit nor build according to a sketch proposal. A sketch proposal for an extension or new home costs DKK 18,000.


  IV.     Ensure that construction is legal. Via a so-called authority project, the architect can make sure to make and apply for a building permit, document that the construction complies with current rules and complete the construction. This way you can also avoid a lot of hassle and paperwork. The cost of a government project depends on the complexity. Sketch project and authority project are naturally related, however, you will therefore also be able to get a total price for both tasks.


  V.     Make your project clearly available for tender in a main project. Here, the architect can i.a. make detailed descriptions of all the parts of your construction project with div. construction drawings, energy calculations, material and work descriptions and schedule. The cost of a major project depends on the complexity, and the engineering work is extra.


  WE.     Choose the best offer.  An architect can help find the best and sometimes cheapest craftsmen by reviewing their quotes and making sure you do not suddenly get a big extra bill. Such an agreement is called a construction agreement and costs DKK 9,000.


  WE YOU.     Check out the craftsmen.  An architect can be a supervisor or construction manager, hold construction meetings and refer while the craftsmen are working to avoid mistakes and bad work. This is typically done as hourly wage work.


  VIII.     Check the construction for defects.  When the work is finished, it must be checked before the new building is taken into use. An architect can find flaws and shortcomings that can be corrected at no extra cost to you. This too is typically done as hourly wage work.


  IX.     Make the building more energy-friendly and sustainable . A skilled architect is aware that your construction will have a lower energy consumption and a good indoor climate, as well as be built in sustainable materials when you rebuild, renovate or new.  


  X.     Make construction more worthwhile.  In addition to the architect's value-adding ideas and a possible better functionality and e.g. utilization of views, terrain or space distribution, then an architect-designed home can also be easier to sell and even be worth much more.


Inspiration meeting

Non-committal meeting at Ark + 

For free

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Come inside at Korntoften in Vejle and have a chat. We take the time to uncover your options and possibly. dream. Have a cup of coffee and feel free to bring photos or references. - Then we may already have the start of a solution.


On-site analysis

Identification  of dreams, needs & opportunities

1400, -

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Needs analysis, which identifies ideas, wishes and requirements for the project. We map out what it takes for the project to be realized. Possibly. analysis of house or plot with estimates of financial framework and schedule can be done on site.

The following matters are clarified:

  • Existing conditions possibly ,. ground / ext. House,

  • Wishes and needs Reference pictures & ideas for materials.

  • Finances / Time frame Quality requirements are reviewed.

  • Any framework and challenges are discussed  with reference to regulatory basis


Sketch suggestions

Visualized decision basis 

18000, -

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One visualized proposal is made, which uncovers all important issues and presents it from several angles. On this basis, inquiries can be made with the municipality and craftsmen so that a qualified decision can be made.


The proposal contains:


  • Architectural presentation of idea and space 

  • Illustrative plan, sections and facades 

  • Reference images & visualizations from several angles

  • Statement of floor area / building%

  • Estimate of schedule & total cost of construction


Authority project

Documentation for authority approval

Price on request

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Necessary documentation to the authorities of existing and future conditions with all drawings, measurements and calculations of areas, distances and sloping height boundary plans. 
Filling in the documentation on the Building & Environment portal with preparation and submission of documents and certificates for, boundaries, elevations, building damage insurance so that the authorities can declare the case fully covered and carry out completed construction case processing with a building permit.
This material can also be used for any. calculation of energy calculation and more accurate estimates from craftsmen.

The proposal contains:

  • Authority contact and dialogue

  • Detailed situation plan, floor plan, sections and facades with height boundary plans & measurements

  • Building component journal with descriptions of construction choices, materials and solutions

  • All necessary  specific drawings and documents  for regulatory approval


Main project and tender material

Documentation for craftsmen and  tender.

Price on request

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Necessary documentation and detailed drawings and descriptions for craftsmen, which can be used for both price calculation and execution of the construction itself.

Incl. Preparation of legally binding documents, as prerequisites and conditions for the form of contract and the craftsmen's execution and quality control.

Incl. Preparation of drawings and documents as a prerequisite for use in static calculations.

Engineer: (Energy calculation & static calculations are necessary documentation for the authorities and are performed at the expense of an external consultant

The proposal contains:

  • Detailed drawings for craftsmen 

  • Tender documents


Negotiation and contract writing

All binding agreements, surcharges and deductions are clarified with the contractors before construction begins.

Price depending on type of contract


Supervision and delivery

Ark + keeps an eye on all phases of construction until delivery and approval.

Price depending on type of contract

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