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Sea views new style and Extra space

Elegant roof terrace & extension with several levels

The architect-designed addition to the house by Fredericia gives a completely new look and a unique experience with sea views from the new roof terrace.

Few m2 but optimal utilization:
The family wanted an upgrade of their 90s type house with a minor extension of the living room and a challenge of getting better views where the house turned the wrong way in relation to the water. With the proposed change comes a complete update of the house's facades and an attractive extension of the living room is created, which becomes both bright and welcoming and raises a few steps for a look out over the water.

Extension and conversion architecture principles:

The villa in Fredericia is expanded by a few m2, which provides an open connection to the living room and brings lots of light and air into the house. The extension is built around some simple architectural principles:

-The style of the house may want to change radically, but must be experienced as a whole that could have been built at once.

-Lots of light and air in living rooms and extensions with room-high windows provide rooms that feel larger than they are  is and  gives a look at the corner facing the sea.

-Roof construction with sloping ceiling and extra windows provides plenty of light and draws the light deep into the house's darker corners.

-The new roof gives via a staircase on the terrace access to a wooden terrace with lounge area so you can make optimal use of the primary view direction.

-The living room gets an exciting division of living zones on several levels - It is made brighter and more attractive with a higher sloping ceiling.

Extension and roof terrace give the family at Fredericia a completely different house and panoramic views of the water.

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