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A small building, with a big impact on the local community

Multifunctional sports and community-building. An educational sculpture for the city and children who use school and sports facilities - Opened to the public in fall 2016.

A welcoming and bright building, open in more than one sense. Not just visually open through an array of large windows, but open to the locals for exciting and relevant events. A place you want to take care of because you're proud of it. A unique building with extra opportunities both inside and out. Sheltered from the rain and wind on the covered patio, and a 360 ° view of the facilities from the roof terrace.

Lifetime Sustainability & Total Economic considerations. Maximum use of maintenance-free materials: Wood-alu. windows & Scandinavian larch- resistant to wind and weather with no further treatment and will be beautifully silver gray eventually. Construction in Wood - a CO2-neutral resource that can be completely disassembled if needed. Heat recovery & LED lights.

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