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Hover IF gets a nice landmark

Vejle Amts Folkeblad

 11/15/2015  - Of  Torben Juhler


The football players in Hover IF are facing better times.  The cramped and worn changing rooms are replaced after many years of waiting with new and larger facilities in a newly built clubhouse, which does not look like many other clubhouses in the kingdom. 

On Tuesday, the client Vejle Municipality signed a contract with the construction company Stenhøjgaard. The solution company will be the general contractor for the project, which was sent out in a reverse tender.
This means that the price of 5.3 million kroner was fixed, and then the various construction companies had to give their bid on what the municipality could get for the money.

And the round building, designed by Lars Skinhøj, arouses enthusiasm both in the club and the municipality.

- We had a limit of at least 450-480 square meters if all our needs were to be included. Now we get a construction of 430 square meters. Nevertheless, we have succeeded in fulfilling our wishes, and that with a construction that is incredibly beautiful to look at. I think we get a lot for our money, and it has not at all become the traditional construction we thought there was only money for. You make a landmark for Hover IF, says Erik Hegård Nielsen, who is a member of the clubhouse's steering group and Hover IF's football committee.

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