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Hover new  Clubhouse in Vejle

Winner of the Citizens' Architecture Prize 2016

Hover IF new clubhouse with  sports facilities at the school and track facilities in Vejle. 

1st place in architectural competition 2015 and then principal architect on the project at Constructa in Silkeborg. Was inaugurated in  autumn 2016.

Together with Ivan Jacobsen -Stenhøjgaard and the engineering company Constructa, I have won the Citizens' Architecture Prize 2016  - for Hover IF ny  clubhouse 

I'm particularly pleased to have won the Citizens' Architecture Award, as it is  citizens' house. To me, it's an expression that the building makes a visible difference  and works well in the local environment  and in  Vejle city.

A functional sports & community building, which is both teaching, grandstand, club room, kiosk, and sculpture for the benefit of both the city and the children, who use the school and sports fields.

With Hover Ny Klubhus, it is possible to create a welcoming and bright building that is open in more than one sense. Not just with the greatest possible view through large windows, but also open to the locals with space for exciting and relevant events. A place where you feel like staying and hanging out. A place you want to take care of because it is something you are proud of - which you want to show off. And where both teammates and opponents are welcome.


On arrival at Hover Ny Klubhus you see the entrance area and the characteristic screen walls. When you move towards the building, you will be able to see the various options for outdoor living and the practically covered forecourt & open, welcoming glass door section. Once inside the building, the various functions are also accessible and easy to read from the foyer.

Lifetime Sustainability & Total Economic Considerations

The greatest possible use of maintenance-free materials has been strived for. Scandinavian larch wood, which is resistant to weather and wind - Wood as a CO2-neutral resource & thus one of the most sustainable facade cladding that can be chosen, and larch wood can be used as it is. It requires no further treatment, and will patinate beautifully.


A functionally unique and beautiful building has been created here, which adds extra good opportunities for living, both inside and out. Sheltered from rain and wind on the covered terrace, and with many extra options and 360 degree views of the facility from the roof terrace.

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