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Innovative extension

on several levels

Small architect-designed extension gives a completely different house  &  additional features

Few m2 but optimal utilization:
The extension on the steep plot in Aarhus is a small extension of the living room and a storage room in the basement. With this change, however, comes a complete change in the expression of the house and the facade. The functionality of the house's primary living space is also radically changed as it opens to the basement, which becomes both bright and welcoming, creating direct access to a large wooden terrace on several levels with built-in shed and extra attractive area facing the garden.

Architecture principles of the extension:

The villa in Aarhus is expanded by a few m2, which provides an open connection to the basement and brings lots of light and air into the house. The extension is built around some simple architectural principles:

-The style of the house may want to change radically, but must be experienced as a whole that could have been built at once.

-Lots of light and air - living room with room-high windows for the light, energy and views. It provides spaces that feel larger than they are  is and  the view is angled around the corner, so you take advantage of the primary view direction ..

-Roof construction with sloping ceiling provides maximum light and draws the light deep into the darker corners of the house.

Terrain terrain on the plot is utilized for a large alternative wooden terrace with integration of tool rooms and different living zones on several levels.

-Living room, kitchen room and activity room in the basement create in the same way within an exciting division of living zones on several levels.

-Rooms and birum in the basement are made brighter and more attractive.


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