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The architect's dream

Innovative new church by an old manor house

The church is  in many ways a dream of how a congregation could have the best premises with the greatest possible flexibility, functional meeting rooms  and a large activity / cafe area, which at the same time could be a considerable expansion of the new church hall when there are large concerts, events and conferences. An innovative  church, but with a harmonious  expression that fits well with the landscape, the forest, the park and the old manor house.

I was pretty exited about the idea of  a different innovative church, and an elegant modern concert hall with super acoustics and room for over 600 people close to the city center in Vejle.

Here we created a proposal for a modern new church close to the old manor house Pedersholm in Vejle. Bruun Rasmussen's auction house had their buildings for sale, and Bykirken in Vejle wanted a proposal for how it could be converted into a multifunctional church with lots of options and space. We even think we came up with some ingenious ideas for an optimal use of the spaces, but it was sold to another buyer. So this unfortunately doesn't become a reality ... I still have a close collaboration with the church in Vejle, and new opportunities will arise when the time comes!

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