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Church design & elegant decor

Innovative church design & elegant architect-designed decor for both modern & conservation-worthy spaces

The churches in Denmark  is  a mix of  Modern elegant design and classic timeless buildings, which are markedly located in town and landscape. They are an expression, for our ability with Danish design tradition, excellent crafts, artistic flair and common sense to create designs that last for many generations.

As a church architect, I am quite often allowed to shape the experience in  the spaces we are surrounded by when we listen, reflect and are challenged by new or thoughtful events. This is a great pivilegie, and it calls for restraint and consideration when, like me, you have to come up with suggestions for long lasting spaces and interiors to be used in the church. I try to produce design  with maximum durability &  functionality that can both create a good atmosphere and have an expressions that fits well with the space, the light and the materials in the building. In this picture above I was asked to create a new elegant church  in an old raw slaughterhouse.

Design and interior design for multi-house & church projects with architect-designed furniture, altar, baptismal font, kneeling and other design elements.  Here is a selection of  the recent design projects that I have  had the responsibility for.

As a church architect, I create elegant designs and interiors that fit the church's space & architecture. Church design with respect, durability & sustainable sense can be found at the architectural firm ark +

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