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Clearance in the middle of the school

Bright functional multi-square provides new opportunities for community with high ceilings. 

Modern elegant to- and  remodeling  at after-school in Vejle creates a clearing in the middle of the school's forest of mixed building parts.

With a large window section from floor to ceiling is created  open connection between the functional square / amphitheater and the terrace outside the river.  The large windows of the living room also provide  views of forest and park and lights that fall far into the room, making it welcoming and friendly.

Sustainable, super low energy or 0 energy, they will be  correct terms to use about the extension, because even though there are many more m2, the heat loss from the school as a whole will be much less than before. S tort  eaves  protects facades and woodwork so that all exterior surfaces are closest  maintenance free, and  lamps are with led light sources.  Ventilation systems with heat recovery are planned for optimal indoor climate and reuse of the heat, which would otherwise just disappear into the winter cold.

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