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Multi square for multi-flexibility - play & learning

School with multisquare

The school needed  a multi-functional space which allows for learning & rapid changes in different user scenarios. Flexible music-teaching room, stage and multitorv- can accommodate education, play, and group work. One larger room for meetings, debates and presentations or several small spaces. The square is every morning a clear arrival and distribution space and a social meeting place.

Vespers & assemblies can be extended to a concert or café by rolling the multi-furniture into a corner and put up chairs / café tables.

Children have many choices: the cave behind the multi furniture, drawing on a folding table or going out into the fresh air. They can use mobile wall modules as whiteboard surfaces, write or draw directly on a smooth painted wall or put up drawings or cut-out pictures with magnets. They can play on the carpets and buffer on the floor, building two castles of pillows, or romp in beanbags together.

Perhaps teachers & parents can even meet here to find innovative new solutions to old challenges.

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