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Tilbygning på 90er villa skaber ekstra g

Villa with  additional space both inside & out

White villa with extra space for children and design-dreams

Architecture with added value and ​ optimal utilization

The family in the house wanted more space but got so much more. The extension on a villa from year 2000 creates extra good spaces both inside and out on the terrace. The large ceiling height of the new rooms is used for a loft, where the children can sit in a cozy nook and read or look out over the beautiful views of forest and rolling fields. In two selected places, a modern architect-designed version of a bay window with delicious soft cushions is created in the window sill, both for the view  and for the sake of coziness. A bright, spacious multifunctional room with space for homework,  space-consuming games, etc. create the transition to it  existing villa. The high-ceilinged living room gets added cladding with wooden slats, which improve the acoustics and are beautiful to look at.

Architecture principles:

- Design - The house  must appear as one. even after the extension and renovation. A modern architect-designed villa, which could have been built with this design from the beginning.

-  optimal utilization of each m2 and comfortable spaces to live in, both in terms of light, materials, spaciousness and visibility.

- Regulation of temperature via design - Mobile shutters at the large west- and south-facing windows. This stops the heat before it reaches the house.

Lots of light and air. All living areas have floor-to-ceiling windows  both for the sake of light, energy and views. It provides spaces that feel larger than they are, and frames the view.

Cosiness via good sustainable natural materials, beautiful light and touch-friendly surfaces with attention to detail.

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