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New unique clubhouse for Hover IF in Vejle.

Dagens Byggeri

Energy & Renovation
  -  ARCHITECTURE | 19.11.15 | 11:25 - Torben Jastram

A spectacular design that uniquely fits the building to the purpose and surroundings! The main idea with Hoover's new clubhouse is to create an open, bright and functional building with the greatest possible view of the football pitches. It should be a place where you feel like hanging out.

The building is made with large windows and characteristic exterior screen walls that frame and direct the gaze towards the battlefields and training grounds.

The idea with the screen walls is to create a unique and beautiful building and add extra good opportunities for living in shelter when you are on the covered terrace in front of the living room. At the same time, there is a 360-degree view of the facility from the roof terrace, where fans can pay tribute to their local players.

The building cladding will be a beautiful natural material of larch wood. The shape is elliptical and thus gives a whole unique building, where design and functionality meet in the best community.

Hover IF's clubhouse was designed by Constructas A / S architect Lars Skinhøj. General contractor: on the assignment, Stenhøjgaard Tømrer- og Byggefirma will be in Løsning.

The building is ready for use by the summer of 2016.

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